How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

Are you searching for how to get Google Adsense approval fast on the internet? or how to approve Adsense account with blogger?

And are you tired of being disappointed every time that any procedures don’t work?

Then you have come to the right place.

In this tutorial, I am going to write techniques that personally worked for me to approve Google Adsense.

When I started blogging I didn’t know about Google Adsense completely.

But now I have learned and understood the Adsense pretty much.

I can guarantee you by following the processes which I am going to write you will surely able to approve the Google Adsense.

so let us begin.

What is Google Adsense

So, Google Adsense is an Advertise network by Google, which serves ads as required. The different ads served by Adsense are:

  • Text Ads
  • Link Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Skyscraper Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Matching Content Ads
  • InFeed Ads
  • InArticle Ads

Recently Google Adsense focuses on their Auto ads to use on the websites. You don’t need to paste codes everywhere on the site.

After getting approval, Adsense will scan your website and will provide the best ads according to your site.

Publishers use this ad network for showing ads for their websites.

Talking about Publishers, those who generally collect the ad code and show the ads on their websites.

To be specific, Google Adsense is the platform for advertisers who serves their ads on Google Ads that are shown by Publishers on their sites. These ads are maintained, administered and sorted totally by Google.

Your searching will end for how to get Google Adsense Approval.

History of Google Adsense

Google launched its Adsense Program in March 2003. But, originally it was named Content Targeting Advertising.

The name “Adsense” was originally used by Applied Semantics, then it was adopted by Google after Google acquired Applied Semantics in April 2003.

Talking about Applied Semantics, according to Wikipedia:

It is the study and application of semantics which have many uses, e.g. advertising, text analysis, web traffic of search engines, web page rankings, and the indexation of words.

In February 2010, Google Adsense started using search history in contextual matching to offer more relevant ads. On January 21, 2014, Google Adsense launched Direct Campaigns, a tool where publishers may directly sell ads.

Your searching will end for how to get Google Adsense Approval.

Now as you have known about Adsense and History of it, now it is the time for the actual thing.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

To approve Google Adsense many things you need to consider.

I personally failed 3 times before getting Google Adsense approval.

For the first time, I didn’t know and directly applied and got rejected as well. The second and third time I changed some things and then applied.

And got rejected again.

Then after getting full knowledge and after 2 months, I applied.

And guess what, I just approved the Google Adsense!

After getting approved I was very much excited and happy that day. After approval, you will receive this kind of email from Google.

getting approved adsense email
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Approved Adsense email

I even put a status on Whatsapp of approved Adsense mail that was sent by Google.

Getting things ready

First, you need to get the full preparation for approving Adsense for the first time. Just be ready with these things:

  1. An indexable Website
  2. Plagiarism free Posts
  3. Responsive Theme
  4. SSL
  5. Some Pages
  6. TLD
  7. Copyright-free Images
  8. Clean sidebar

These are the things you need for getting approval. Don’t worry I am going to discuss all the above things.

How to approve Adsense account with blogger, you don to have to search this again.

So, keep patience.

An Indexable Website for Google Adsense Approval

For getting the approval you need to have a complete website that is indexable fully. You have to submit your site to Google Search Console (GSC).

Many bloggers forget to add this point, but from my experience, it is required for getting approval.

To submit your site first, open GSC and add your website to it.

After submitting you are good to go for the next steps.

TLD (Top Level Domain)

Previously, Adsense approved websites, that had not TLD. Even now some “.blogspot” websites got approval according to some Bloggers.

But for your safety and getting approved for the first time you need to purchase TLD.

There are two different parts of TLD, those are:

  1. Global TLD
  2. Country Based TLD

Global TLD means “.com“, “.org“, “.info” etc that have the Worldwide reaching.

Country-based TLD  means the Domains made by the country like:

  • for INDIA, it is “.in”
  • for the United States, it is “.us”
  • the United Kingdom, it is “.uk”

So, if you want approval, consider purchasing a Top-Level Domain.

SSL ( Secure Socket Layer )

For getting approved for Adsense, an SSL certificate is very much important.

SSL or the Secure Socket Layer is the protocol for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between the network computers.

Consider purchasing SSL for your blog or you can buy hosting plans that come with a free SSL certificate.

Adsense, as well as Google Search Engine, prefers websites that have the SSL certificate and chances of getting higher ranks as well.

Plagiarism free Posts

Plagiarism, the word which has the power to destroy your website.

It is the Copyrighted things used in the websites, and Google strictly prohibits Copyrighted posts for ranking.

You have to write at least 15 to 16 posts before applying for Adsense. Many bloggers suggest for writing 25 to 30 posts before applying, but from my experience, I have got the approval after writing only 12 posts.

But, it should be Copyright-free. Means, no copied content should be there. All should be clean, hot and fresh right from your mind!

Responsive Theme

To get Adsense Approval, you have to choose the responsive theme for your website.

A responsive theme means those themes that work in both Desktop and Mobile by providing different settings.

In Blogger as well as WordPress, you can find many free responsive themes to use, which are mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly.

how to approve Adsense account with blogger – well, this thing will be also applicable to Blogger. You can get Google Adsense Approval.

You can customize the theme from the theme customization section in WordPress.

Having responsive themes provides a big factor in approval as well as Google rankings.

But, make sure the theme is not nulled. If it is nulled then Google will penalize you and you will not get the Google Adsense approval.

Website speed is also an important factor for Google. You can choose the themes below from my recommendation. All the themes are Responsive and speed is fast as well.

  1. Astra
  2. Generatepress
  3. OceanWP
  4. ColorMag
  5. Newspaper

Many other themes are available but these are the best themes for your website.

So, after considering the best theme for your website then let’s move on to the next section.


For getting Google Adsense approval, you have to make some important pages that are required for your website and approve Google Adsense.

Those are:

  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Terms and Condition
  • Privacy Policy

These above pages you have to create. For creating pages on WordPress, follow the below steps for a WordPress Website.

First, open your Wp Dashboard.

Point the cursor to the Pages section on the left section. Click “Add New

Creating pages for Google Adsense approval
  • Save
Creating pages

Give the page name and fill it with content in their respective sections.

Creating pages, how to approve adsense account with blogger
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Creating pages and contents

For content, you have to write accordingly. But on Google, you will find lots of free websites that make these kinds of pages.

Follow steps and never search for how to approve Adsense account with blogger.

And that’s all. Just create all the above pages and do not forget to show them on the website.

If you want a good hosting plan for your Blogging career, have a look here.


Images are very important for your content. Creating a beautiful yet informative image is very important.

But images should be copyright free. If you use copyrighted images you will not able to get Google Adsense approval.

So, consider use plagiarisism free images.

But you are now thinking, from where I can get the images.

Do not worry you will know the tricks of finding images.

There are two steps to get Copyright-free images.

  1. Google
  2. No Copyright Images websites

From Google

For getting clean images, go to Google and search for your image. After getting results, move to the Tools section.

From the dropdown, select “Labeled for reuse with modification “, and after the refresh, you have all the copyright-free images that you can use and even modify by yourself.

how to approve adsense account with blogger
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Getting Copyright-free images from Google

From No Copyright Images Websites

There are many great and legit Copyright-free images of websites. From there you can get the images. Some sites are listed below:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Kaboompics
  4. VisualHunt
  5. Unsplash

Just go to any of these websites and find your image.

Clean Sidebar

Many bloggers have overlooked this step but creating a clean sidebar helps to get Google Adsense approval.

A clean, full of required widgets make your website look clean and helps for approval. Consider creating those widgets which look great.

So, these are all the steps you need to follow for getting Google Adsense approval. How to approve Adsense account with blogger, you do not have to search again.

Popular Sites that use Google Adsense 

Many sites are now generating tons of money only using Google Adsense. Some of the top websites that use Google Adsense for monetizing:

  1. Youtube
  2. Stack Overflow
  3. NDTV
  4. India Today
  5. TutorialsPoint
  6. Beebom
  7. Bonappetit
  8. Buzzfeed

and many more. These sites are generating above ten thousand dollars per month only from their sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to approve Google Adsense?

  • It depends on how your site is. But the standard time for Google Adsense approval for a website is 24 to 48 hours. For some websites, it may require more time than the standard time. If you follow my above steps for Google Adsense approval, then you will get approval within the normal time range.

2. Can I have more than one Google Adsense account?

  • Google Adsense does not allow more than one account for the same payee name. And if you have more than one account containing the same payee name then you may have the risk of losing your account. But Adsense does provide more than one website to list on the account that has already approved. Consider doing that for safety. But you should check not to add more than 4 websites to one account.

3. Is it hard to get Google Adsense approval?

  • Usually, people think that getting Google Adsense approval is a hard task to do. But, it is not like that. Approving Adsense is much easier, but you have to follow certain rules to get approval. If you follow my mentioned rules and tips above, then you will get approval on time.

4. How much traffic required for Google Adsense approval?

  • There is no threshold for traffic for getting Adsense approval. Generally, people apply for approval only after creating a new Blog or Website, which has zero traffic most of the time. There is no minimum traffic required for approval.

5. Can I apply for Google Adsense again?

  • Yes, you can apply as many times as you want. It does not have any limits. But usually, with proper rules and tricks, you will get approval in no time. Thus, you will not require to apply for several times. Still, if you are not able to approve, consider fixing the errors that are mentioned by Google Adsense to get rid of the rejection.

Final Words

Google Adsense can make you rich one day. Even many people are solely depended on their Google Adsense income per month.

A popular Blogger from India named Pritam Nagrale recently bought the latest BMW 520d Luxury Line car by spending his Google Adsense money!

Google Adsense Success
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BMW from Google Adsense

how cool is that!

But first, you have to work hard for getting Google Adsense approval. And if you follow my above steps I am sure that you will succeed and your website will approve for Adsense.

Just follow the steps and you do not have to search for how to approve Adsense account with blogger again.

Dream, learn and then work hard to get success in your life.

That is my motto for doing anything.

Just believe in Google Adsense and keep blogging.

So, that is all about the tutorial. If you have any queries/suggestions, feel free to use the comment section.

And if you end up loving this article, consider sharing.

Have a great day.

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