What is a Blog? The Definitive Guide for Beginners

What is a Blog? How to Make a Blog? Is Blogging profitable? if you are searching for these things, then you have come to the right place.

First of all, what the heck is Blogging and why should people learn it, that is very much necessary to understand.

I started Blogging in 2017, and currently, I am still in this Industry helping people who are willing to learn Blogging. When I started I also didn’t know about Blogging, Digital Marketing. And now when I have learned about that, it accommodated me a lot.

In simple words, a blog is like an online journal where people can share things that they do and you could talk about your daily life. Many moderators could be there for moderating the blog and maintain it.

In this tutorial, you will learn about Blogging and all the related kinds of stuff regarding it, and I promise it will be simple to understand.

So, let us begin.

So, What is a Blog?

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web. It is consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style posts. The posts are displayed in reverse chronological order.

By doing this, the most recent posts appear first other than the older posts, and that is surely a good thing. Because, if the newer post is not appearing firstly, then how can people know about that.

It is quite a clever step for making a Blog.

There are mainly two platforms that are very much popular to create Blogs. Those are:

  • Blogger.com
  • WordPress.org

Among those, WordPress is the most popular platform for creating Blogs.

I have written a post where you can learn how to create Blogs using WordPress.

History of Blogging

The term “Blog” is the shortening of the word “weblog” and t has appeared on 17 December 1997 by Jorn Barger. The short form “blog” was given by Peter Merholz.

Before Blogging became popular, the Digital Communities then took many forms including Usenet.

GEnie, Byte Information Exchange (BIX) and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) were the commercial online services then.

In 1995, the “Online Diary” website was produced and updated manually before any blogging programs were available. The posts were then made to appear in reverse chronological order.

In 1999, the popular Blogging site “Blogger.com” has launched. Later it was acquired by Google in February 2003.

HTML code using FTP software was there for updating the posts in real-time.

Until 2009, blogs were maintained by only one person, occasionally of a small group. In the 2010s, “Multi-Author Blogs“(MABs) emerged where more than one author can write or maintain a blog post by himself/herself.

Blog, Blogger, Blogging

In the above section, I have written about what is a blog and the history of blogging.

And talking about a blog, two other terms are there related to it.

  • A Blogger
  • Blogging


A blogger is a person who manages a blog. Usually, Blogging is very popular these days and many bloggers are coming out by creating their own blog.

How to be a Blogger

To become a blogger, you just have to create a blog and start writing and posting on it. That is how to become a blogger.

Nothing more!

And now finally once you are willing to be a Blogger, then the next question would be how to start a blog?

Well, you will learn it right now, just keep patience.


In simple words, creating a blog and managing it on your own skills is what is called Blogging.

It will not require you to learn programming languages in-depth for managing the backend, but you may need to show some skills in the backend by modifying simple codes.

But many things are there to helping you out from every situation you face during Blogging.

Blogs vs Websites – The difference | What is a Blog?

Many people are confused about blogs over websites. But the thing is, many organizations use both in a single web presence.

  1. Blogs are a part of websites. But the one thing that differentiates between them is Blog is Dynamic, whether a website is Static in nature. Blogs are updated frequently by newer posts which are shown in the reverse chronological order (newer posts appear first), where Websites are Static in nature by organizing posts and pages at first when making the site and it is less updated.
  2. blogs can be a part of websites. Many organizations have their own blogging sections for updating with newer, trending posts in their category.
  3. Blogs are often included in Social Media for the ability for readers to comment and discuss the topic, as well as with the bloggers. In the earlier stages, websites had visit logs or guest logs in which people could say they’d visited. But a blog has the commenting feature in real-time that makes it more engaging than the traditional websites.

According to the triplefreedom.com website, right now there are approximately 440 million blogs in the world.

total no of blogs
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Total Number of Blogs Worldwide

According to internetlivestats.com, over 1.6 billion websites are there in the world. But less than 200 million are in the active state.

total websites details
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Total Websites

So, now you know all about the Blogging things, let’s move on to the making part.

How to Make a Blog

Previously I discussed two major platforms for Blogging. Blogger and WordPress. You can make your blog on any of the platforms of your choice.

The first one is completely free and if you are a beginner, then I suggest you to learn Blogging through Blogger.com, as it is free and you can make almost any type of simple blog through it.

So, let’s check how to make a blog using Blogger, acquired by Gooogle.

First, open your web browser and type “www.blogger.com” or you can simply go there from here.

creating a blog
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Sign in first

Click on the SignIn tab to sign in into Blogger with your Gmail account.

gmail sign in blog
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Sign in using Gmail account

Note: You must have a Gmail account in order to make blogs on Blogger. If you don’t have any Gmail account, consider creating one right now.

After signing in, choose your blogger profile that people will see whenever they visit your blog. After creating, click Continue.

choose your blogger profile
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Choose your blogger profile

Now your profile has been created. Now you have to create your blog.

Create a new blog
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Create a New Blog

Click “Create a New Blog” and a popup will appear like below.

Choose your Blog title and blog address wisely. Choose your theme for now, cause you can change the themes later.

Creating the title address and theme
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Choosing the Title, Address, and Theme

After setting up all this, you are now all set and your blog has been created.

This is the main dashboard of Blogger. Recently, a new version of Blogger has been launched by Google.

Blogger Dashboard
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Blogger Dashboard

Now your blog is now created, it is time to write something and it will appear in the reverse chronological order after publishing it.

In the below picture you can see the section where you can write your blog posts and can publish it.

Creating a Blog
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Posts Editor

So, that is all about creating blogs using Blogger, but it has some disadvantages too.

  • limited to making some entry-level blogs.
  • require to have the knowledge of programming languages in order to edit or modify the backend codes by yourself.
  • not SEO friendly.

Though beginners can easily learn to blog through this platform. I personally learned Blogging through blogger.

Now, I have already written a complete tutorial regarding WordPress. How to make a blog using it and much more related pieces of stuff. You can find it here.

After knowing all about Blogging, one should know why he/she should Blog?

Why should you Blog?

Currently Blogging is a very popular thing in the world. People are creating blogs, websites for many reasons because they know why they should blog.

Now, if you are the person who doesn’t know why you should blog then don’t worry. You will know that after reading the below section.

You can make money

You must have heard people are making money only through Blogging. They are monetizing their blogs with Ads from different networks. Like, Google Adsense, Media.net, Taboola, Popupads and many more.

It takes time for earning money from your blogs because all you need is engagements in your blog posts. But it takes a lot of patience also. When time goes by, your traffic will rise as well as your earnings too.

And I am not talking about part-time earnings from Blogging. People are earning thousands of dollars in a month from blogging and they have decided to make blogging as their profession.

Blogging makes you a better person

It is obvious that Blogging makes you a better person. It improves your writing skills as well as communication skills. Your thinkings are opening internationally about who you are and who you want to become.

When you send a job application to a company, many employers look for employees who have a blog and if you have one then surely it will be a plus in your placements.

Blogging helps other peoples

People are searching for everything on the internet, and ultimately they are landing one of the blogs that are related to their search.

So, if your blog or any other blog has the to the point answers regarding people’s queries then surely you are helping them. Because they are leaving the blog after knowing the entire things that make them happy as well.

If they have any questions they can directly ask you via the blog and by answering them you are again helping them.

So, ultimately the bloggers are making this world a better place by helping people.

Self Promotion and new opportunities

In the blogs, you can show yourself an expert. You actually get new opportunities for doing work together from many big companies and that will surely offer a lot of doors that you might not have been dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a blog used for?

A blog is basically used for writing and giving people the knowledge that you have. It is also used for self-promotion and creating new opportunities.

What makes a good blog?

A good blog is one that gives it’s users great content regularly. Content that enriches readers’ lives and gives them something to look forward to for the next time.

What are the Best Blog Hosting sites?

There are many hosting providers available in the market. I have used many of them.

But a few providers that I have genuinely like. Those are Bluehost, Siteground, Godaddy, Hostinger, A2hosting. If you are planning to buy hostings then you can choose my suggestions and have a look here.

What types of blogs make the most money?

You can choose whatever field for blogging you are good at. But these types of blogs make the most money.

  • DIY/Crafts
  • Finance
  • Pets
  • Foods
  • Travel
  • Parenting
  • Health and Fitness
  • Green living

and some other things as well.


Blogs are changing peoples’ lives to a great extent. By creating a blog you not only helping people but also can earn money from it. Though it will require time for earning. You have already learned about why should you blog and if you follow that I am sure you will be a successful blogger one day.

You have to keep producing new and informative content for your readers. After all, your readers are everything.

So, keep blogging, keep helping people and keep producing the G.O.A.T contents.

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