What is WordPress? The Ultimate Tutorial

You may have heard about WordPress. So, what is WordPress anyway?

Today I am going to write about the complete tutorial regarding it and many other things associated with it.

And by reading this article, you will surely be Confident and able to answer anything regarding WordPress whoever asks you or wants from you the information on this topic.

So, let us move on.

So, What is WordPress?

In simple words, WordPress is an Open-Source CMS( Content Mangement System ) that gives you Platform to do Blogging by yourself. It is the most popular system in the world for creating beautiful yet professional websites.

From small blogs to full-featured online stores, it can create and handle that smartly by using many things. Like, Plugins.

WordPress does not require anyone to learn Programming Languages for managing it, though it is based on PHP and MYSQL.

But, anyone can manage it.

Unlike many other CMS available in the market, it is the most easily manageable and powerful as well.

History of WordPress

The first appearance happened in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The name “WordPress” is given to it by Christine Selleck Tremoulet. He was a friend of Matt.

Though “b2/cafelogwas the predecessor to WordPress, more commonly known as b2 or cafelog. It was written in PHP by Michel Valdrighi, who is currently working as a developer.

Another project happened named “b2evolution“, which is still in the active state of the development process that has been happened after the b2/cafelog and now WordPress is the official successor of all those things.

And now, almost 75,00,000 websites are built on WordPress. Around 30% of the total internet’s websites are falling in this number!

ok, it is a huge number. And it is true as well.

Working with the WordPress

So, now the main part.

If you have already enriched yourself regarding what is that system and history of that, and I am sure you do.

Then now you have to know about working with it.

First of all, there are two versions of WordPress.

  1. WordPress.org
  2. WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

With .org, you host your own blog or website. WordPress.org is where you’ll find the free WP software that you can download and install on your own server.

On the other hand, the .com takes care of all the hosting for you. You don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server.

In the below picture you will know about the complete difference between the .org and .com

Wordpress.com vs WordPress.org
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For using the “.com” version you have to purchase two things mainly to work.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting

But first of all, you have to know something about these things.

The Domain

A Domain is the address of your website.

Every domain has its own IP address( Like )and that is very hard to remember.

For that, the Domain name has come in the market. It does not require any IP addresses to remember. You have to just remember the name that you just registered from some providers. For connecting the Domain name with the Hosting, you have to check the DNS and register accordingly. After connecting you are good to go to set up the WordPress with the Hosting.

The Hosting

A Hosting is a service that allows the Individual or the Organizations to post a website or webpage onto the internet. To be specific, purchasing a Hosting plan that can be any plan, you will have a space on the internet to publish or show off your skills in a content format.

Basically, hosting is a computer that has the below things:

  • SSD
  • or HDD
  • RAM
  • CPU

If your plan has the SSD then you will have the much faster speed for loading the webpages apart from the HDD.

CPU is the main thing for buying a Hosting plan. Consider buying a good plan that provides a higher CPU.

Types of Hostings

There are 10 types of Hosting services available. Those are:

  1. Shared Web Hosting Service
  2. Reseller Web Hosting
  3. Virtual Dedicated Server
  4. Dedicated Hosting Service
  5. Managed Hosting Service
  6. Colocation Web Hosting Service
  7. Cloud Hosting
  8. Clustered Hosting
  9. Grid Hosting
  10. Home Server

If you want to know detailed information about the above-listed hosting services please follow this link.

Now, if you want to get a good hosting from my recommendation to start your Blogging journey, you can check these Deals.

Installing and Using WordPress

After purchasing hosting you need to install WordPress in order to use it. In below I have purchased hosting from Hostinger, and I am showing the importing system of the CMS.

Almost every Hosting providers have the same steps of importing the System. So, don’t worry and follow the below procedures for installing.

After purchasing the hosting, the provider will give you a Panel for accessing your Hosting Dashboard, in which you can see the entire database, disk usage, and lot more other things.

Hosting Dashboard
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Hosting Dashboard

Then scroll down the page to go to the Auto Installer tab.

Auto Install WordPress
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Auto Installer

After that, click on Install WordPress.

Intalling WP
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Installing WP

Set your Domain and wp-admin login details.

Fill up your Login Details
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Fill up your Login Details

Wait for some time and your System will install the CMS.

If you want to access the WordPress dashboard then you can directly go form there. Otherwise, you have to type

http or https://your-website-address/wp-admin/

Wordpress Dashboard
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WordPress Dashboard

You will reach there directly.

So, that was all for the installing process. If you still want to purchase a good hosting then you can check these deals.

Benefits of Using WordPress

Cost Effective

WordPress is a very much cost-effective software. The time has gone when you have to purchase hosting by spending a huge amount of money. But, nowadays, many providers are giving hosting for a very less amount of price. And after purchasing it people are creating websites and making tons of money, fame. Thus making it very cost-effective.

Update your website from anywhere

You don’t need to take a laptop every time for using WordPress. You can use it from your Smartphone also. The official WordPress software is there to help you out. You can update or modify your website from your mobile also.

The links for the official WordPress application are given below:

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) ready

WP is SEO friendly. Websites built using WP have simple and constant codes making them ideal for Google indexing.

You can also focus your SEO campaigns on high converting pages.

Ultimate Social Media Integration

Whenever you are finished creating contents and you are planning to share them on social media platforms like FB, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, etc, then with WP you can easily share them by clicking once.

social media icons
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Ultimate Social Media Integration

We should be thankful for the seamless integration with social networks.

Enhanced Security for your Website

In previous days, WordPress has faced criticism for the poor security. But day after day the security is handled by good web developers and web designers. As long as you have them, you can fortify your site’s security and make it hacking proof.

Responsive Web Design

When you are creating websites using WordPress, you automatically get the benefit of responsive web technology without the need to develop websites for different devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress used for?

WP is used for Creating and Managing the content that people create. It allows people to create pages and posts without knowing the confusing HTML codes.

Is WordPress good to use?

WordPress is definitely a great software for your Blog or Websites. Over the years WP has evolved into a full-featured Content Management System.

Why would you use WordPress?

WP is by far the best CMS for making Websites. Over 75 million websites are built on WordPress. It is fast, reliable, upgradable, free to install. Thousands of freely available plugins are there to help people out in almost every situation. So, that is why people should use WordPress.

What are the disadvantages of WordPress?

Though WordPress is a great CMS, it has some disadvantages too.

  • Can be expensive
  • Needs frequent updates
  • Customization needs coding knowledge
  • Use of multiple plugins can website heavy to load thus making it slow
  • Modifying Images and tables are difficult


WordPress is the best CMS means Content Management System for blogs and websites. On every 100 people, those who know how to blog and have the knowledge of Digital Marketing approximately 55 to 60 people will answer that they are using WP. It has the best benefits as well as some disadvantages also.

So, this is all about the tutorial. If you read the whole article then I am sure you are now enriched with enough knowledge to challenge someone regarding WordPress.

And my friend, you will beat your opponents just like WordPress is now beating the opponents of its own category.

If you like my article share this as well.

Have a great day ahead.

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